Harvest Christian Community has two Pastors: Kathy King and Randy Cowling

Here are their remarks:

Kathy King:

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and the final authority for life and faith. Through the Bible we learn that there is one God who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Humans are made by God in his image. Each person is deeply and personally loved by God. Each person also has the freedom to make choices and the first humans, Adam and Eve, chose to disobey God and allowed sin to enter the world. Since that time every person has a desire to choose sin.
Sin brings separation from God, but God loves people so much that he sent his son Jesus. Jesus was born, lived and was crucified to take the punishment for our sin. He rose from the dead and is in heaven waiting for the day when he will return for all who believe in him. This is the basis for our faith.
The Bible teaches that we receive salvation through the grace of God as we put our faith in the work Jesus completed when he died on the cross.There is nothing we do to earn salvation it is a gift from God for all who put their faith in Jesus.
The Holy Spirit comes to live in everyone who put their faith in Jesus. He teaches and guides us in the ways of God the Father. He uses the Bible to show us how to live as Christ's followers here on earth.
At Harvest Christian Community we choose to live and learn together as we grow in our relationship with God and those in our church and our community.